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Local distinctiveness
1. Do a research regarding the highlights of your area. Find traditions, food specialities, environmental specifics which contribute to YOUR OWN businesses’ local distinctiveness.

2. With your results from exercice 1, try to analyze your business on the basis of the two criteria of the checklist.

3. Identify 10 different heritage sites of your country. On the basis of what you have read in this section, complete the Activity sheet!  

4. After listing the places at exercice 3, please do the description of them based on the following:

·      The description of the site and a list of its main characteristics (for example, species of birds, trees and animals, in the case of natural sites; Types of buildings and  Architectural features, in the case of cultural sites);
·      The history of the site;
·      The map (s);
·      Photographic material (attach it);
A brief bibliography with the main sources of information should be  done on the site.

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