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The personal approach
A personal approach in the rural tourism business can be understood threefold, and it means:
1. the input of the personality of the entrepreneur, his character, strengths, hobbies, knowledge in order to create an appealing tourism product,
2. the research into the personality of the customer and his expectations in order to adapt the product to these needs,
3. to create, improve and optimize the personal contact between entrepreneur and customer.

For a rural business, understanding the customers’ expectations is essential in sustaining a successful business. In order to develop an appealing product or service it is needed to know something about the target audience they are trying to attract. Existing customers represent the current success. These are the people who understand the business and have chosen to spend their time and money with them. It is extremely important to understand who they are in more depth.

The main reason for collecting information from customers is to improve the quality of the service a business provides to them. 
In addition to improving the product or service itself, information can help to:
  • develop new products and services
  • improve delivery or promotion
  • improve other elements of how the organisation is run.

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