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In the period of 18 - 21 October, the Skilltour partnership held its third meeting in Biescas/Aragon. The location of the meeting has been chosen because, Biescas was one of the visited good practice sites from Spain within the project.
In the two days meeting the main focus has been put on revising and finalizing the curriculums’ (O3) structure which will be the basis of the training material (O4) for boosting entrepreneurship in rural businesses. Following a successful discussion, the final structure and content had been agreed upon. In addition a draft version of the video tour of competences, has been presented, which in its final format will be an interactive tool for entrepreneurs to use in their training processes. News in more detail will be available as the outcomes of the project are being delivered.

The final conference and last meeting of the project will be held on the 5th, respectively 6th of July 2017.
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