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Rural tourism is one of the major economic pillars of rural regions in Europe, representing a sustainable approach to economic development, facilitating new employment and contributing to the conservation of the natural, social and cultural heritage.
To develop sustainable rural tourism businesses, entrepreneurial and competent human resource is needed. Creativity and entrepreneurial thinking plays an important role in diversifying rural tourism services.
You are in the right place, if...
You are running a micro or family business (pension, farm-stay, restaurant, village inn, camping or guest house, etc) in a rural area
You would like to diversify your rural tourism services
You would like to develop your and/or your staff's skills and competences
The SKILLTOUR website and learning space will help you with information and knowledge to develop your entrepreneurial skills and boost your tourism business!

In case you want to know more about our project and its results please do not hesitate to contact us!

The SKILLTOUR project group
The SKILLTOUR project has been granted by the European Commission, with the support of Erasmus+ Programme. It lasts for two years, from September 1st 2015  until August 31st 2017.

The aim of the Skilltour project is to develop the entrepreneurial skills of those who run/plan to run small rural tourism businesses in order to be able to deliver innovative, high quality products and services and manage their businesses in a sustainable and responsible manner.     

The core target groups and beneficiaries of SKILLTOUR are: 
• adults who run or plan to run micro/family rural tourism businesses (pensions, farm-stays, restaurants, village inns, camping or guest houses, etc,), 
• adult education providers with high exploitation potential of the project output
Project goals
To facilitate the development of entrepreneurial and transversal skills of owners who run (or plan to run) small/family rural tourism businesses the SKILLTOUR project proposes the following objectives:

• Research study on needs for entrepreneurial and transversal skills development of adults who run micro/family rural tourism businesses
• Identifying good practice models for sustainable rural tourism businesses
• Development of new tailored curriculum  and training materials for entrepreneurial and transversal skills development
• Development of a user friendly online learning space to guide current and future rural entrepreneurs in their key competences development  through a structured learning experience
Research study on needs for entrepreneurial and transversal skills development of adults who run small/family rural tourism businesses
Good practice models for sustainable rural tourism businesses
Curriculum  and training material based on research study to support adult organizations in delivering high-quality key competence development trainings for adults disadvantaged
• An interactive virtual tour of competences (study video) and attractive multimedia materials to support and motivate the autonomous learning of adults learners
• User friendly online learning space that will guide current and future rural tourism entrepreneurs in developing their competencies through a structured learning experience

In the last edition of our Skilltour newsletter, you can read about the projects' last partner meeting and the final conference which had taken place on the 5th of July in Millbrook/UK.
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