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Affiliate marketing
Digital affiliate marketing means establishing reciprocal content – so a small tourism business includes content on its site or newsletter about its
affiliate’s accommodation or tours, and they reciprocate with content on the business'. The aim is to provide readers with useful information on
other accommodation or tour providers.
Affiliates can charge one another a fee for the content, or a commission can be worked out for bookings received via an affiliate site or newsletter.
Alternatively, small businesses can simply work together for the benefit of achieving more traffic with the chance to convert more browsers into bookings.

The type of affiliate you look for depends primarily on the service you are providing. Usually they will provide complementary services.
For example:
• an adventure tour operator might work with a local accommodation provider,
• a B&B could link to local wineries, and so on

Affiliate Marketing works particularly well when a small business' affiliate is viewed as a reliable source of information in the specific industry niche of the business.
If the tourism business is seen to be associated with (or recommended by) them, this increases the credibility of the business.
High-ranking sites are also good affiliates for a lower-ranking site, as searchers are likely to find the high-ranking site first and then follow the links.
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