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New ways to communicate through the Internet
Watch the video below (is the same video as at point 2. - new ways of communication, will be changed soon...)

Skype: One of the first to appear in the segment of the Internet calls for businesses and individuals. Allows free calls and also offers payment solutions (plans for calls to phones all over the world, video conferencing between more than one person). There are versions for multiple platforms: PC, Mac and Linux, Android, iPhone, iPhone, Symbian and also for some TV.

Google Talk: Through the web (requires installing a plugin) or its desktop client (PC only), with a free Google account, allows video conferencing between Android and desktop computers. You can also call landlines and mobile phones, buying credit and paying per minute of call

Facetime: It’s the native app for the iOS devices, iPhone and iPad, and recently incorporated to the latest version of the OSx for Mac desktop computers. It allows to run free video conference between those Apple devices, but only when connected to a wifi or home network (DSL or cable), because the ISP and Apple are blocking this application over the 3G network. 

Viber: App for the iPhone and Android smartphones, very easy to install and connect and call (audio only) with others, with its system based on the telephone numbers. Also, allows sending free short messages between Viber users. It runs over 3G and wifi networks and its free.

Tango: Very similar to Viber, it runs on the iPhone and Android platforms, but also there is a PC version for Windows based computers and it allows also video conference. It’s easy to install and to connect with others and call, with its system based on the telephone numbers. It runs over 3G and wifi networks and its free.

Facebook video calls: The last to arrive in this industry, as a consequence of the alliance between Facebook and Skype. It allows to call just by clicking the call button at the top of a friend’s profile or chat window and it doesn’t need to launch new software (but you need to install a small plugin before calling the first time). It only runs on the main website and is not available for the mobile platforms. 

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