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Intercultural Communication
With the explosion of global business, productive intercultural communication has become important.
Successful intercultural communication is effective, frequent and simple while also respecting the cultural viewpoints of consumers. The ability to communicate effectively across cultures provides businesses and employers/employees tangible benefits, such as:

  • quick problem solving,
  • stinger-decision making,
  • increased productivity,
  • steadier work flow,
  • strong business relationships,
  • enhanced professional image etc.

Understanding cultural history and etiquette are also key stones of successful intercultural communication.
Successful intercultural communication requires a basic understanding of cultural values and adapting business communication styles to them as much as possible. 

A base for successful intercultural communication with your guests is the analysis and comparison of your culture to your guest’s culture. Awareness of the differences and similarities is important to avoid misunderstanding. Intercultural communication skills guide to mutual understanding and to effective interaction. 

Tip: Also try to get basic language skills in one or more foreign languages, if the majority of your guests come from one country, try to get some language skills in this language.

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