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How to make a business plan
Describe, in depth, the products and/or services the company will offer.

This can include a variety of additional information, such as:
• Technical specifications
• Illustrations
• Photos
• Marketing and sales material
• Market research 

• Pricing structure
• Fees
• Competitive advantages and disadvantages
• Product comparison

You can at the same time create a marketing plan, most companies separate it from the business plan. However, it is still important to include an abridged version of the marketing plan in your business plan.

There are five factors to include in your marketing plan:

1. Market Research
With primary research, you gather and present your own data. With secondary research, you rely on published information.
2. Economics
Identify those factors including current demand within target market and primary competitors including market share. 
3. Customers
Identify your target customer, including their location, characteristics, and buying habits.
4. Competition
Identify the products, businesses and services which will provide competition.
5. Strategy
As the name implies, this discusses how you will market your products and services.
After you can find/do the Operational plan which is an opportunity to discuss the day to day operation of the business, including employees, processes, location, equipment, and other related details.
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